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Improper Mileage Offset By Manufacturer - Naderi Law Group Quickly Resolves!

Manufacturer offered to repurchase our client’s vehicle prior to our involvement but was seeking over $10k for the mileage offset! Our client reached out to us and we were able to swiftly reduce the deduction to the appropriate $2k amount. Here is the testimonial from our client!

“Had an ongoing battle with a car manufacturer that was short changing me for $15,000 and after 2 months of going back and forth, i decided to get an attorney to represent me,  just my luck that decided to hire Ray Naderi, after i signed the documents it took him 4 hours "I'm not exaggerating" to get a resolution to the problem. "it has to be some kind of record".  Also Ray is a very open and sincere person, no hidden gimmicks, speaks truthfully and open, and none of the secretary taking calls from you nonsense, you get his cell from day one and always pick up your calls.

Kudos to Ray Naderi, many attorneys firms should take a page out of his book and implemented on theirs, no horror stories here, very pleased.” - Yelp

Calculate Your Mileage Offset

By law, the manufacturer is entitled to a deduction for the first time a vehicle is taken in for repair for the defective issue. For example, lets say a vehicle is repurchased because of a transmission issue. The first time the vehicle was taken to the dealership for the transmission repair was at 5,000 miles. The purchase price of the vehicle was $30,000. Under California Lemon Law, the life expectancy of a vehicle is 120,000 miles. The calculation would be the following:

(5,000/120,000) X $30,000 = $1,250.00.

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