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lemon law: frequently asked questions

  1. i bought my car awhile ago.  i think the warranty has expired. how long does the lemon law apply?
    California's lemon law applies as long as the vehicle came with a warranty. typically, a consumer has 4 years after the warranty has expired to file a claim.  so if you bought a new vehicle in 2012 with a 4 year warranty, you can file a claim up until 2020.  in some cases, you can still file a claim after the deadline if the vehicle was never actually repaired or there was a known hidden defect. every situation is different and you should consult us to find out where you stand. 

  2. how much will an attorney cost?
    Nothing.  California's Lemon Laws state that a manufacturer is responsible for attorney's fees and costs when a vehicle is a lemon. this is in order to protect the consumer and so that the manufacturer cannot overwhelm you with litigation costs.  absent extreme rare circumstances, you will pay nothing during the course of the litigation.  

  3. will i have to file a lawsuit?
    it depends.  Many times cases can be resolved quickly and settled outside of court.  naderi law group will go over all options with you so that you can make the best decision possible. 

  4. I bought my car used?  Am I still protected under California's Lemon Laws?
    yes.  used cars can still qualify under the lemon law as long as it was sold with a warranty or sold to you by a dealership.  even when neither of these apply to your situation, you may still be protected under other laws.  

  5. Does the California Lemon Law apply to leased vehicles?
    absolutely.  leased vehicles are not treated any differently under california's lemon laws.  

  6. Does the law only apply to cars, trucks, or suv's?
    no! there are laws which protect consumers who have purchased vans, motorcycles, rv motor homes, or boats. 

  7. How much can I get back?
    you could receive up to a replacement or a full refund of the purchase price or lease payments.  you can also recover certain expenses incurred such as towing, registration, repair costs, or rental car expenses. 

  8. I have not taken my vehicle to the dealership three times? Do I still have a claim?
    this is a common myth in lemon law.  there is no magic number. the standard is if the vehicle was brought in to the dealership for repair an unreasonable number of times. what is reasonable depends on each specific case.  Also, vehicle's that have only been brought in once could qualify under the lemon law's "implied warranty". For instance, a brand new vehicle with a transmission replacement within the first three months of ownership could potentially qualify under california's lemon law.  it is important to consult a lemon law professional to get a full understanding of your rights.   

  9. My vehicle is owned by my business.  Am i still protected?
    Likely, yes.  As long as your business does not have more than 5 vehicles registered under its name or if the gross weight of vehicle does not exceed 10,000 pounds (tractor trailer, etc.).  Give the naderi law group a call if you have more questions.  

  10. Coming to your office will be difficult.  Do I have to drive to your office to talk about my vehicle?
    not at all.  most cases can be discussed over the phone.  naderi law group is also a member of the "wework" network with access to conference rooms all across California.  we are happy to make whatever accommodations are easiest for you. 

naderi law group understands you may have a ton of questions regarding your vehicle. that's why we are here to help.  contact us for a no-hassle, no-obligation, free consultation.